It's time to reset, realign and walk into 2023 in the most confident and powerful way

Not only for your life – but for your family life too!

That's it!

In a blink of an eye, 2022 is leaving us; another year is upon us.

For you and your family, 2022 has been intense, stressful, draining and overloaded. 

Now you're beginning to look ahead to 2023 and envision how you want to feel and show up for yourself and your family…

You want to feel aligned, balanced, calm and confident – but it feels so hard when you're juggling work demands, an endless stream of to-do's at home and taking care of everyone but yourself.

In the very essence of your being, you know you are meant for more – a well-balanced life filled with joy, healthy boundaries, and thriving and respectful relationships.

You know you can have an incredible relationship with yourself, your children and your partner – but you aren't sure how to make it happen without dropping one of the balls you've been juggling all year. 

If you're ready to leave the stress and overwhelm of 2022 behind and step into the most aligned and calm year of your life – I've created something for you.

Imagine you:

⚡Wake up each day without feeling stressed 

⚡Reduced level of overwhelm by 100% so you can go about your day with clarity and calm

⚡Are so confident in yourself and your decisions that you don't need to seek validation from others

⚡Are too busy living your best life to spend time worrying about what others think about you

⚡Know how to communicate your needs with your family and friends, so you avoid never-ending conflict 

Make 2023 the year you thrive and flourish as the soulful being you are meant to be and a calm, loving, supportive mama and partner.



The ultimate 2-hour coaching session to help you reset and realign so you can thrive and flourish in 2023.

Together we will dive deep and discover ways to replenish your energy level and adjust your mindset to support you in calming your inner critics and making yourself a priority. You will discover new strategies and tools to support your sanity in the fast-paced world parents have to navigate. 

The strategies and tools will expand your parenting toolbox, allowing you to reconnect with the joy that raising children can bring, and it will support you in coming back to your true self and embracing all that you are.

In this valued pack session, I'll guide you to:

  • Identify what's energised and what's drained you
  • Gain clarity and set priorities for 2023 
  • Discover ways to communicate your needs with your family healthily
  • Choose self-compassion over perfectionism
  • Establish a daily self-care practice to nourish and invigorate you
  • Move into 2023 feeling optimistic, confident, calm and rejuvenated

This session is tailored to your needs

  • 120 mins 1:1 coaching online
  • 1 x In-depth Pre-Consultation Questionnaire to help you clarify where you most need support
  • An action plan outlining your intentions and actions
  • 1 week of unlimited Voxer or WhatsApp messaging support post-consultation to keep you connected to the intentions you lay out (Check-in will be 2 months after the consultation date)
  • Access to relevant resources

Your Investment: $110 AUD (1000 SCR) Seychelles Residents

"Before working with Enda, I struggled with work/life balance. I was feeling overwhelmed with assigned tasks and projects at work, and I was finding it hard to balance. As a result, I was always on edge, often resulting in poor communication with my husband and less quality time to spend with my family. Enda gently pushed me to start creating healthy boundaries, prioritising tasks, feeling comfortable saying "no" and delegating tasks, being fully present, and owning who I am as a woman first above everything else." ~ Bettymai (Mother of 2)

At the end of our power session together, you can expect…

  • To waltz into 2023 in the most aligned and powerful way
  • To healthily communicate your needs without having to compromise your relationship with your children and partner
  • To know how to create rich, deep, meaningful and authentic relationships with yourself, your children and your partner
  • To love yourself fiercely and don't give a hoot what others think
  • To feel truly alive, loved and honoured

Hello, I am Enda Gilbert, an Internationally Certified Parental Burnout Practitioner, Life coach,Co-author of the Best seller “undefeated” and Educator with 25 years of experience working with adolescents and their caregivers. I am deeply spiritual, with a vision for collective healing, empowerment and authenticity among parents. My mission is to uplift, support and empower parents/carers across the globe to break free from Parental Burnout and build nurturing and thriving relationships while embracing who they are.

With over 25 years of experience working as an Educator with a Master's degree, I feel privileged to support and uplift many determined and resilient parents from diverse cultural backgrounds to live fulfilling lives and truly connect with their true selves and their children.

I lost my vision to severe Burnout caused by a lack of balance in my life and over-investment in my role as a new mum. So, I know first-hand what it feels like to wake up exhausted and overwhelmed every day when your life revolves around your children, family and work. When this happens, you lack balance and alignment – which can easily lead to Burnout. 

With the support of a coach, I accepted that the band-aid solution I was using was not working. So, I made myself a priority. I slowed down. I gave myself permission to rest. I listened to my body, and my life shifted for the better. I am now experiencing the absolute joy of being a parent to an adolescent and living a well-balanced life where I've successfully integrated my roles as a manager, an entrepreneur, a mother and a partner. I've found balance, alignment, calm and connection.

You, too, deserve to feel like this. With my life and work experience and the right industry certification, there is no doubt that I am the right person to guide and support you through this life-changing moment. 

Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck.

Don't just take my word for it...

"Before working with Enda my life revolved around my family and work. I know I wanted to change, and I kept telling myself I deserved more, but I had no idea what to do. At first, I had no idea what a life coach's job was, so I was a bit anxious to start the session, but Enda made me feel comfortable and I knew that I was in good hands. My husband has been commenting on the change in my mood (no longer grumpy). My confidence has grown. Now I am not afraid to try new things and speak my mind calmly, which no longer turns into a full-blown argument with my children and husband." ~ Elleni (Mother of 4 boys)

"When I started working with Enda, I felt lost and was trying to find my purpose and live a balanced and wholehearted life. I wanted to create a sense of belonging; however, I found it challenging to communicate with other parents and open up to forming friendships. Enda listened closely to every word I said, and she was very understanding and at no point did I feel judged when sharing my weaknesses and struggles. The main thing I took away was the essence of releasing the idea that I have to live up to others' ideas and expectations. So I now try to live in the present and constantly remind myself that my best is enough" ~ Asaka (Mother of 2 boys) 

Reset-Intensive is designed for:

✔Parents/Carers who want to make 2023 their best year ever. The year where they thrive and embrace all the opportunities 2023 has to offer with confidence and clarity.

✔Parents/Carers who know they need support but have yet to decide about committing to 3 months coaching series. Coaching is a significant investment in your self-development, so I understand that some people love to experience a session first before committing. So if that's you, Reset-Intensive is for you.

✔Parents/carers who need someone to hold space for them in a loving, supportive and non-judgmental environment so they can be their authentic selves and access the support to help them get back on track and embrace the New Year on a high!

A reminder of what's included in  Reset-Intensive

  • 120 mins 1:1 coaching online
  • 1 x In-depth Pre-Consultation Questionnaire to help you clarify where you most need support
  • An action plan outlining your intentions and actions
  • 1 week of unlimited Voxer or WhatsApp messaging support post-consultation to keep you connected to the intentions you lay out (Check-in will be 2 months after the consultation date)
  • Access to relevant resources

"I used to be an angry ant and lashed out a lot at my kids. Mostly I was angry at myself, but I didn't know how to control my emotions. Enda provided me with a safe and nurturing space to offload. She generously offered love and support, practical strategies to manage my day-to-day stress, build my resilience and confidence, let go of my perfectionism, and reconnect with my children. My kids are closer to me than before, and our home has a shift of energy. We're calmer. "~ Genevieve (Single mum of 2)

My Promise to you

I come from a place of authenticity and immense respect, so working with my clients is a privilege and a great responsibility. You can count on me to be honest and fully present during our time together. I don't have all the answers for your life, but I believe you do. So my role is to help you find them, connect deeply to them, and integrate them into your daily life so that 2023 can be a fantastic year for you and your family!

Still have questions?

If you need clarification as to whether or not  Reset-Intensive is for you, drop me a DM over on IG @endagilbertcoaching or Facebook Enda Gilbert Coaching and Consultancy.

You can also contact me here.