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Rise above Parental Burnout and Reclaim Yourself

You deserve to thrive, not just survive.

My vision is to support and educate parents and caregivers of adolescents to break free from burnout and build healthy and nurturing relationships with the tweens and teens in their life.

Hello I am Enda

Internationally Certified Parental Burnout Practitioner, Life Coach Educator and Author. My mission is to support and empower parents and caregivers of adolescents across the globe experiencing or recovering from burnout, feeling lost in parenthood or struggling to build nurturing and healthy bonds with their children. I do this through heart-centred and supportive one-on-one or group coaching sessions, workshops, and speaking events. I also advocate for the resilient, courageous and vulnerable caregivers and parents from multicultural communities in making the brave move to live life according to their values and goals rather than those of other people and society. Welcome to my online home

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RESET: 120 Minutes Power Session

If you are unsure of what exactly it is you need to work on, but you just know that you need support from me, then "Reset" is the right program for you. In this 120-minute coaching session, we dig deep into how you want your life and relationships to look and feel.


Nurture to Connect is a group coaching program that targets your well-being as a carer and your relationships with your adolescents. You will be immersed in research-based strategies and resources to support you in understanding important issues parents and adolescents face. We empower you to be your adolescents' greatest Life Coach!

Thriving with Teens: Three Months Coaching

This personalised coaching program is packed with fundamental strategies and solutions to support you in reclaiming your life, thriving, and forming reliable, profound and nurturing connections with your teenager. We target your well-being as a caregiver and your relationship with your teenager and focus on the connection between the two.